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All Spread Peace proceeds during month of March will go to Save the Children

With all the craziness going on in the European continent, we can only helplessly stand by and watch as the world leaders make decisions on our behalf and fight over god knows what in an era that the concept of "war" seem so foreign to those in the developed first world countries.

As we hear heartbreaking news from our living rooms, families are having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. We cannot even start to imagine how scared and traumatized the families are, especially the children. The innocent children, our next generation leaders, are being affected and exposed to a war that they have no idea why it started nor should they take any part or responsibilities of it. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

That is why, for the month of March, we will donate all profits from our "Spread Peace" line to Save the Children for Ukraine. We know that this may be a very small effort but we want to help anyway we can and help others do the same. Head over to our collection page by clicking here and help us spread peace while helping the children in need of our support in Ukraine.

Read below, or visit their site here, of how Save the Children has been helping kids in Ukraine for years. You can also donate directly to them as well.

Since 2014, Save the Children have responded to the conflict emergency by providing lifesaving interventions across Eastern Ukraine. They support the basic needs of the most vulnerable families, proving food, shelter, coal, multi-purpose cash grants, clothing and medicine.  

They provide children and their caregivers affected by the conflict with Community Centers and mobile outreach teams where they can receive psychosocial support. They run programs to develop positive coping strategies, life-skills and resilience. They also conduct Mine Risk Education in schools and nursery to raise awareness on the dangers of mines and explosive remnants of war.  

They have supported children to access education in conflict-affected areas by distributing learning and teaching kits, providing psychosocial support for children in schools and building teachers’ capacity to provide psychosocial support and conflict sensitive education. They have also rehabilitated schools and classrooms that have been damaged during the conflict.


Happy New Years, Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Years and welcome to 2022!

May there be peace on Earth

-from The Most Satisfying Co.



Just in time for the cold ahead, warm yourself with this fleece and spread peace during the holidays!

The back piece features one of our favorite phrases in Japanese, "世界が平和でありますように” (Sekai ga heiwa de arimasu you ni) which means "May the world stay peaceful" .

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Spread Peace Fleece

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